Succéduon gör premiär

2010-01-14 19:24 by johabbed

Idag är det premiär för Succéduon med Anders & Måns. Alltså Måns Nilsson och Anders Johansson, självfallet.

 För att fira detta slänger vi upp ett klipp med en kille som bajsar.



Kanalen är SVT 2, starttiden är 21.30. Det blir nog bra, det här.


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2 Responses to “Succéduon gör premiär”

  1. Home says:

    gamite to spiti sou kai to mouni pou se xernage ptroanaua tsoli pou tolmises na kleiseis to monitor na pethaneis na vgaleis ton karkino kai tin kakia arrostaia na sou viazoun ta paidakia kai ton antra

  2. I dunno.. Jersey and Russian are pretty different. I just think since Rourke was doing a heavy russian accent it would have been too much for them both to have the same, thick accent. Which is a shame, because it feels like they've taken away from her, can you tell I'm a Black Widow fangirl?It just sucks that there really aren't any good female super heroes. Except in X-Men. But there really aren't any good, female super heroes, and if they are, they're done in a really wrong, weird way. Catwoman.. Elektra.. ._. It's just a shame, because there are some really awesome comic book woman, and they never get their due! And now I feel like this is Black Widow taking a back seat to another character. Maybe I'm over thinking it, and I sound a lot more upset then I actually am, but it still sucks. I just feel like they're making her less cool by not giving her her accent.

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